— Arno Tijnagel


Mirleft. Best.


Photograph, ink and paint on paper. 2 x 21 x 30 cm. Diptych. Trying to find ground.


In Atmospheres NEGATIVE


Back side artwork for Jorge Natalin In Atmospheres.


Ink, ecoline and paint on paper. 42 x 30 cm. Longing to belong. IE no. 1: Thank you Fred.

This is my second post and a new theme, Blogum by wpshower. This is my new website. It is built with WordPress and is a blog. Thank you.

This is my first post.

I have posted this as the new first post of my site, since it is a blog, most things show up first on my site, when you click arnotijnagel.nl. This site started in 2013 somewhere. Prior to this site I have done all kinds of different things. One of these things is music. An example:

Background to In Atmospheres, recorded live 2010:

From since the early beginnings of my recording career, I started combining analogue instruments, mainly the guitar, with electronic components. I remember, I was once reversing and repeating a wind like sound from a field recording, to create some sort of beat, to create non traditional atmospheres. Further I was combining this resultante in structures with traditional guitar sounds.

This experiment has led me to this live with band performance and recording. It features material from my 2007 In Atmospheres solo recordings. I set out to create an out of the box merger between techno and analogue rock music.

The band features me on electric guitar, Tim Egmond on keys and effects and recording the set, Tijmen Ruizendaal on percussion and samples and Klaas de Jong on drums. In Atmospheres was intended and recorded as 1 piece of music. It is not meant to be experienced as 4 different tracks with pause in between them, or changed in order.