— Arno Tijnagel

September, 2013 Monthly archive


From the ongoing Abandoned Series: Untitled/ House #2, third visit. MG.


Film and adhesive on paper. You know who you are. JvB. Analogue creation.

Abandoned 2001

This is the first house I started my ongoing Abandoned Series with: House #1. La douce France. MG.


Image by Hôpital d’Esneux/ N 150915/ BRICKUS, FERNAND/ 17- 4- 1992. Rotate? I guess so. Thank you.


Don’t remember the year exactly. Somewhere around 2004. South of France, SMH.


Pen on paper. 14, 8 x 21 cm. Lonely Sunday morning drawing/ Frame of Mind: the shell of the Universe let go. Wind is almost blowing without obstruction. Thank you to the people on the corner who were on stand- by last night. You know who you are. I am truly honoured.


Edition of 5. 1 copy sold, 4 prints available.



16: 09: 35.

Tribute to Frusciante.

How to ascend without ignition?


Edition of 5. 1 copy sold, 4 prints available. Diptych.


I guess somewhere around 2004. Polaroid. 12, 7 x 10, 2 cm. I tried so hard, but could not get out. I heard a whisper: there is no easy way out of this existence:

When you were not here
I felt so all alone
You came like water
Round my only stone

Wear and tear
I’ll bleed all over, see me how
I just don’t care
I feel like chosen now

– – – – –
– – – – –

There are no words enough
To explain how much
I owe this life to you
And all that I could do
I am in gratitude
I am in gratitude

– – – – –
– – – – –

You are the only one
To know what’s going on
I’ll trust you all the way
Is all that I can say

– – – – –
– – – – –