— Arno Tijnagel



Image by Eddo Hekman.

Hole in the sky_DEF

Subtle correction into flattened reality. Click here for part two:


Sweet little angel. Schatje. Dat weet je wel. It still wouldn’t be enough.

patterns 02 web

Pen on paper. 15 x 10 cm.

patterns 01 web

Pen on paper. 15 x 10 cm.



Image by Eddo Hekman.

You make me feel
All I need to be
Sun and moon and sky
Are you the reason why?

Sky and moon and sun
Are you the one?

Are you the one?
Are you the one?



Linocut. Ink and pencil on paper.

On the train

Du bist die Süßigkeit:

DJ Rombout and Jorge Natalin- Queensday Give Away. Later: Souvenirs from Amsterdamn.

Speak to me of father sun
No I’m not the only one
Feel you as the trees
Standing next to me

Let it be

No holding back
Slip right through the cracks
Find a way to love
Guided by the moon above

It is not enough

Don’t know why or how
Time is never now

Sky and clouds and rays of sun
You are the only one


6 + x = SMH. Soldier in the name of: