— Arno Tijnagel

Ik ben een gerucht
Ik ben van horen zeggen
Misschien ben ik jou
Of jij mij

Photography inspired by Amsterdam Sunrise by Jorge Natalin:

All is one and always.

If so, how?
Dat was een offertje.
I wrote a sweet little song for you.
Until we meet again.
Als een ontzielde pop.
We all must go, really.

Who is this Perceptor?


The soundtracks I have recorded for Sunset from a Rooftop, 2009, and Finnemans, 2010, will see the release in 2018. Both releases will feature additional recorded music that was not used in the films. Sunset from a Rooftop was directed by Marinus Groothof, Finnemans was directed by Thomas Korthals Altes. Both films were awarded with a Gouden Kalf for total performance at Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.

Click here to listen to the theme for Sunset from a Rooftop.
Click here to watch Sunset from a Rooftop and click here to see Finnemans.

Stay tuned.

Kapot Verrot.